Directed by Adriana Grechi, Núcleo Artérias is in a constant research and invention of artistic systems for sharing urgent corporalities. The group is formed by Bruna Spoladore, Lívia Seixas, Renata Aspesi [dancers-creators]; Amaury Cacciacarro Filho [producer]; Dudu Tsuda [soundtracks]; André Boll [lighting] and  Lu Mugayar [art direction and costumes].

Núcleo Artérias’ dance proposes a shift in the perceptive action and in the ways that the body operates, in order to test other possibilities of existence (presence) and living together (connection). To achieve that the group explores in an immersive way the physical systems of the body, based on studies of BMM, BMC and other methods of somatic education. Since 1994, Adriana has been transforming experimentation and exploration practices of the body systems into tools for artistic work. The Núcleo Artérias proposes to trigger the body as perceptive and sensory matter, a porous body that expands its capacity to be affected as a form of vitality and political potency.

Núcleo Artérias has presented its work in more than 40 cities. It has participated in several festivals as Rencontres Chorégraphique de Seine-Saint-Denis/Paris (2002); Bienal de Dança do Ceará/Fortaleza (2003); Porto Alegre em Cena/Porto Alegre (2003); FID/Belo Horizonte (2005); On Marche/Marrakech (2012). Núcleo Artérias has also participated in circulation programs in Brazil as Circuito SESI (2008), Caixa Cultural (2009), Petrobras Cultural (2010). In the last decade, the group received several awards, including three APCA, granted by São Paulo Association of Art Critics.